How to Keep Your Car Running & Save Money in Michigan

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Properly maintained automobiles & safe driving habits can save you money in the long run.

What causes motors to run bad?
Unchanged oil, worn out spark plugs, bad thermostats, loose gas caps, not properly inflated tires, improper engine controls, bad wheel alignments, dirty air, oil & transmission filters.

Bad driving habits like speeding & aggressive driving, excessive idling when warming up your vehicle, & carrying unnecessary heavy items in your car can all impact fuel economy.

Keeping your car or truck in tip top running shape will help you save money.

It also helps if your car is in mechanically good condition!
If your car needs repairs of any type, feel free to give Royal Transmission a call at 586-776-4470, or drop by: 17920 E 12 Mile Rd., Roseville, Michigan.

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